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ORDS - Revolutionizing Assets, Redefining Transactions.

Ordiswap brings dynamic AMM infrastructure to BRC-20 unlocking unparalleled liquidity on Bitcoin's native layer

Key Features

Pioneering Liquidity Solutions on Bitcoin's Native Network

Ordiswap pioneers as Bitcoin's first ever AMM. Implementing the constant product mechanism to allow the swapping of Bitcoin Native assets including BRC-20 assets.

Our infrastructure is dynamically flexible to also support SRC-20 standard.


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Interoperability Unleashed: Bridging the Gap Between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Our unique Stake & Earn logic for $ORDS bridges Ethereum and Bitcoin seamlessly, empowering holders with Fee Benefits, Liquidity Rewards, and Revenue Sharing our native Bitcoin DEX.

This technical marvel assures a thriving interconnected ecosystem.


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Efficient Off-chain Logic: The Heart of Ordiswap's AMM

Ordiswap spearheads a cutting-edge framework, seamlessly integrating a bespoke API, advanced indexing modularity, and Bitcoin nodes.

This intricate fusion empowers off-chain balance state AMM, revolutionizing liquidity provision for Bitcoin's layer 1 in an unprecedented manner. We stand as a truly disruptive protocol, reshaping the landscape of decentralized finance.


Provide Liquidity

Participate in our Native Bitcoin Liquidity Pools to unlock incentives and propagate $REOS (Reward-Ordiswap) in the first Bitcoin Layer-1 DeFi Protocol.

With assured liquidity, particularly in pairs like BTC/ORDI on our Bitcoin layer-1 DEX, $ORDS holders benefit from a direct revenue stream linked to $REOS, establishing a strong foundation for Ordiswap's DeFi utility.


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Swap BRC-20, CBRC-20 and Atomicals without a L2 or CEX

Use our swap feature to, seamlessly exchange BRC-20 and SRC-20 assets on Bitcoin's network. Eliminating reliance on Layer-2’s or CEX’s, providing users unprecedented control over their assets.

Our off-chain balance state AMM ensures secure, efficient, and decentralized swaps, unlocking a new era of interoperability and liquidity for both BRC-20 and Bitcoin-native assets.


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Ordiswap, a pioneering protocol, merges the worlds of Bitcoin and DeFi by introducing the first AMM on Bitcoin's native layer through off-chain balance state logic.

Fueled by the $ORDS (ERC20) & $REOS token (BRC20), Ordiswap offers interoperability, innovative staking mechanisms, and a unique Modularity,
propelling decentralized finance into uncharted territories.

Unlocking liquidity and providing a seamless cross-chain experience, Ordiswap redefines the landscape for BRC-20 assets and Bitcoin-native tokens.

- Native Layer AMM: Deploy the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Bitcoin's native layer, revolutionizing decentralized finance.
- Interoperability: Achieve seamless integration between BRC-20 and Ethereum, fostering a cross-chain ecosystem for tokens.
- Innovative Staking: Introduce unique staking mechanisms for $ORDS holders, encouraging active participation and earning.
- Off-chain Logic: Utilize off-chain balance states and Bitcoin nodes for efficient and scalable protocol operations.
- API Integration: Provide developers with a comprehensive API, facilitating easy interaction with Ordiswap's features.
- Indexed Modularity: Implement indexing and modularity for enhanced protocol flexibility and robustness.
- Stake & Earn Logic: Enable users to stake $ORDS on Ethereum, linking it to BRC-20 wallets, and unlocking holistic benefits and revenues.
- Liquidity Pools: Offer users the ability to participate in liquidity provision for Bitcoin-native assets, fostering deep market liquidity.

The Ordiswap protocol addresses critical gaps in Bitcoin's development space by introducing a groundbreaking
Automated Market Maker (AMM) on its native layer. Bitcoin, traditionally limited in decentralized finance (DeFi) capabilities
benefits from Ordiswap's innovative off-chain balance state logic, Bitcoin nodes, and unique staking mechanisms.

This not only expands Bitcoin's use cases but also enables seamless interoperability with BRC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network.

Ordiswap's API integration, indexed modularity, and deep market liquidity provision further position it as a pivotal solution
enhancing scalability, flexibility, and liquidity within Bitcoin's ecosystem.

Meet $ORDS, an interoperable utility token meticulously crafted for seamless operation across Bitcoin's native layer and
the Ethereum network. With a finite supply, $ORDS is the linchpin of Ordiswap's developmental prowess, facilitating
community-driven decisions through voting and governance.

Developers harness its dual-network compatibility to unlock value accrual via platform fees, incentivize Bitcoin-native
liquidity providers, and power swaps on Ordiswap.

As the bedrock of current and future releases, $ORDS positions itself as the go-to token for decentralized utility
bridging the realms of Bitcoin and Ethereum with a developer-centric approach.

Introducing $REOS, the BRC-20 token engineered to revolutionize reward systems within the Ordiswap ecosystem on Bitcoin's
layer-1. As a direct revenue stream for $ORDS on the Ethereum network, $REOS enables users to participate in
dual-network staking, earning rewards, and accruing swap fees.

With a focus on interoperability and a vital role in incentivizing liquidity providers for Bitcoin-native pairs on
Ordiswap's DEX, $REOS stands as a key component in the innovative financial infrastructure built by Ordiswap.

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